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Decentralized AI as a Service

01 Supercomputer

Peer-to-Peer network connects global computing devices, allowing any user in need of computational power (the requester) to rent GPU resources from other users (providers) to complete compute-intensive tasks.

zippy: $0.5/hr/GPU

02 Storage

Decentralized storage network based on the GHOSTDAG consensus mechanism, enhancing data storage and transmission security and efficiency.

03 Incentive Mechanism & Privacy

Encourages participants to submit honest data in AI models, penalizes poor data submission; adopting C2PA combined with zero knowledge proof to validate data without knowing the content
Two-Sided Market for Data and AI Services

❖ Deploy ourmultimodal LLM and AIGC dapp, AI-based trading bot
❖ Two-sidedmarketplace for AI services and data generated by decentralized AI, e.g., NFT
❖ Al algorithmsand Data ownership can be minted by NFT
❖ Data can behosted in our decentralized storage network

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