Zippy’s Incentivized Testnet will commence in 2024Q1 and will last for 40 days

February 01, 2024

Our mission is to establish a transparent, trust-centered ecosystem for AI development, facilitating global GPU resource sharing and collaborative model training and deployment powered by blockchain's secure infrastructure. ZIPPY (Z Cloud) endeavors to overcome the constraints of current AI and blockchain technologies by amalgamating them into a supercomputer. Our aim is to furnish a decentralized, transparent, and efficient platform for AI training and applications, ensuring widespread accessibility and benefits for individuals and organizations alike.Building upon this, our team has conducted meticulous, comprehensive, and enticing architecture development. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Zippy’s Incentivized Testnet will kick off in 2024Q1 for a period of 40 days.

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To encourage active participation, we will design reduced participation thresholds and offer generous incentive mechanisms such as token issuance, providing fuel cost rewards, staking rewards, DAPP rewards, airdrops, hackathon competitions, and more. Every participant will help us continuously develop and optimize the Zippy ecosystem, supporting the launch of the mainnet.

Our achievements:

  • Decentralized GPU Sharing for LLM: Blockchain can be used to share GPU computing power, providing decentralized global GPU computing for LLM training.
  • Secure Model Sharing and Collaboration: Blockchain can facilitate secure sharing and collaboration on AI models between different organizations or individuals, accelerating the development and adoption of AI solutions.
  • Decentralized Model Training and Deployment: Blockchain can create decentralized platforms for on-chain training and deploying AI models, democratizing access to AI, facilitating machine-to-machine interaction and micropayments for AI, and reducing reliance on centralized cloud providers.
  • Enhanced Model Explainability and Trust: Blockchain can provide a record of development and validate data through zero-knowledge proofs for AI models, improving their explainability and trustworthiness.

Our next step:

The ZIPPY development team completed the construction and testing of the code in 2022, with plans to launch the mainnet by the end of 2024. We will concurrently conduct security audits and develop ecosystem infrastructure. At the same time,have already developed the Zippy Wallet.Moving forward, our goal is to release essential ecosystem applications, including cross-chain bridges and DeFi DAPPs, by the end of 2024.

Our testnet incentive mechanism:

  • Token issuance and incentives: The testnet block reward is 2 tokens. We have set a total of 10,000 nodes.We provide a bridge mechanism for a 1:1 exchange with the mainnet tokens, which can be exchanged instantly once the mainnet is launched. The testnet supports bridging with mainstream blockchain networks.
  • Lowering node participation requirements: Node participation requirements are relatively low, requiring only a stake of 10,000 testnet tokens.
  • Fuel reward incentives: We have set double fuel rewards to encourage users to conduct transactions frequently.
  • Staking rewards: We provide diverse staking reward mechanisms to incentivize user participation.Staking reward: Total staking reward: 9 million; Minimum staking amount: 1000; Maximum total staking reward: 75,000; Daily staking reward: 1%.
  • Referral program: We have established a multi-level referral program to encourage users to expand the network.For tokens already staked, we will give 5% of the staking reward to the first-generation referrer and 5/x% of the staking reward to the x-generation referrer.
  • DAPP incentive program: We offer generous rewards to attract high-quality DAPP projects to the testnet, rewarding active users and transactions.Once the active user count of a whitelisted DAPP project deployed on our testnet exceeds 1000, we will reward 1000 ZPT; once the transaction count exceeds 100,000, we will reward 10,000 ZPT.
  • Airdrop: If you download our wallet, join our Discord and Twitter accounts, and verify at our Discord channel and submit your Zippy address and Twitter account, you may receive 100 ZPT if chosen by lottery.
  • Zippy Chain Hackathon: We provide a substantial rewards pool and diverse reward schemes to attract developers to participate in project development and innovation.

Zippy Chain is a permissionless EVM compatible blockchain that offers parallel EVM execution and state sharding.
In support of Zippy Public Infrastructure – a framework that advocates for DeFi primitives to be provided as public utilities, among other tenets – the ZCH encourages projects centered on sustainability, authenticity, and creativity.

Builders will compete for prize shares in a 1,000,000 ZPT rewards pool!

Along with a change in building categories, rewards builders who launch on mainnet later with doubled prize shares.
Up to 5 projects will be awarded as Overall Winners, while judges may select one winning project for each of the following categories:

  • DeFi & Infrastructure
  • Original NFTs
  • Composable NFTs
  • Experimental NFTs

More details will be further announced on other social media accounts! Please follow our X account: