How to obtain our incentized testnet ZPT coins (which will be swaped to mainnet ZPT on a 1:1 basis via bridge).

There are two possible options
(we strongly recommend option 1):

Nodes and Validator Operations


OPTION 1: IF yes, You can instaill Zippy Wallet Directly

in the time zone UTC+0 to 8

you can contact Steven via the Zippy Wallet built-in browser by inputting the following link:

in the time zone UTC+9-23

you can contact Lynton via the Zippy Wallet built-in browser by inputting the following link:

OPTION 2: IF no, You can  join our discord

Will be available for iOS soon!

1)If you don’t have an android phone (our Zippy Wallet app is not available for iOS yet, apologies),
you can join our discord and talk to our administrator via the following link:
Or alternatively, you can follow and DM ourTwitter account:

Reward Program

Zippy Chain also has a strong staking and referral reward program

Staking reward

Total staking reward: 9 million;
Minimum staking amount: 1000;
Maximum Daily total staking reward for all users: 75,000 or Daily staking reward 1% per user
(We choose whichever is smaller).

Referral program

 We offer the referral program to encourage users to expand the network.
For tokens already staked,
we will give 5% of the staking reward to the first-generation referrer and 2.5% of the staking reward to the 2-generation referrer.
Once you obtain your ZPT, you can stake your ZPT on the following staking and referral reward platform:

Step 1

Use the web browser and enter the URL:

Step 2

Link your own wallet

Step 3

Link your own wallet, enter the staking amount, and your inviter’s address to complete the staking.