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Private Messager

ZippyChain Wallet offers a user-friendly messaging interface to seamlessly engage in public, private, and group chats while securely conducting crypto transactions within their private conversations.
Connect with confidence, knowing that your conversations are P2P encrypted and protected, free from any institutional or software monitoring.
Private Messager - Private Messager
ZippyChain Wallet - Fortified Security for Transactions


Fortified Security for Transactions

ZippyChain Wallet adheres to the latest security standards, providing users with a private and secure browsing experience, devoid of tracking and data collection.
Fortified with advanced encryption and multi-layered security protocols. Secure wallet with user-controlled private keys and support for ZRC20 and ZRC721 tokens. Your transactions are safeguarded against threats, ensuring a worry-free trading experience.


DApp Directory

The DApp Directory is for discovering curated DApps, akin to app stores. Support multiple chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. ZippyChain wallet enables interoperability and broadens the spectrum of available DApps.
Discover the next generation of decentralized applications with ease through our DApp Directory. It's your curated gateway to the decentralized era.
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